ACE Productions


Shabana Azmi

in Girish Karnad's



Written by
Girish Karnad


Shabana Azmi

Directed by
Alyque Padamsee


Produced by
Raell Padamsee



About the show

This is a psychological thriller that rips the mask off a celebrity. The twenty-first century is the age of the electronic image. From every corner of our world, electronic images fling themselves at us, entertaining, educating, enticing & offering us a virtual world.

Manjula Sharma is not a very successful Hindi short-story writer. She suddenly becomes wealthy and internationally famous by writing a best-seller in English.

The question haunting Manjula is, whether in opting for the global audience, has she betrayed her own language and identity?

Now, without warning, it’s her own “image” that decides to play confessor, psychologist and inquisitor.

Director's Note

We live today in a double world. Who we project ourselves to be … and who we really are. Electronic images whirl around us in a dervish dance. And if we are in the celebrity circuit, we become one of the dervishes.

Girish Karnad, whom I have known since I directed his English version of Tughlaq many years ago, has written a masterpiece about self delusion and phantom images. Two sisters locked in mortal combat. Who will emerge triumphant?

Shabana and I entered this maze of truths and half truths some months ago. It was a frightening yet exhilarating experience. In our discussions at rehearsals, we found out more about ourselves than the characters in Girish’s play. Broken Images sometimes re-create themselves in new and unexpected avatars.

A good play entertains. A great play opens windows in your mind through which you see the past and the future in one continuum.

- Alyque Padamsee

Playwright's Note

The new technologies ---video, television, films, billboards, computers, mobiles---whisper to us in shimmering figures, seduce us with moving lines, colours and luminocities. Softwares speaking through microprocessors mould our tastes, question our judgments, persuade us to take their messages as our own, so that as the French philosopher Jean Baudriard points out, simulation furnishes us with copies more real than normal reality.

When T. S. Eliot talked of ‘a heap of broken images where sun beats and the dead tree gives no shelter’ in his ‘ Waste Land’, he was obviously talking of concrete images found piled in a desert. The images that surround us---in every burgeoning Indian megalopolis--- are digital, insubstantial but persistent, and the desert they define is our ‘hyper-reality’. We have all morphed into our own images.

-Girish Karnad


Set Design: Bhola Sharma, Lighting Design: Alyque Padamsee, Yael Crishna, Music Composition: Merlyn D’Souza, Publicity Design: Siddharth Kumar, Still Photography: Ryan Martis, Executive Producer: Craig Dequadros, Production Managers: Prarthana Gupta Production in Charge: Monica Rawal, Sound Execution: Gautam Dhanu, Video Execution: Nimesh Shah

(Duration: 1 hour)
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